Monday, March 22

I puked in your shoes

Avril: Hey there sk8ter boi.
Derek: HOW many times must I tell you Avril, don't call me that.
Avril: Oh OK, don't shout so loud, I think I am going to puke again.
Derek: Yeah, last night was rough wasn't it, we partied like the rock stars we never use to be.
Avril: *burp* Yeah it felt good, not so much now, but during, man we are so punk rawk!!!
Derek: I know! this shirt with the gun and this blazer with the buttons..... um Hello!
Avril: I know! and Look at me... I am just oozing it from my pours!!
Derek: Yeah!... that's Vodka and generally trashy stink.
Avril: Shut up, what do you know, you look like full grown midget. Didn't I divorce you already, anyhow! 
Derek: I told you not to bring that up...shit Avril... now I'm gonna cry.... my eyes will get even more puffy, you are so insensitive some times.


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