Tuesday, March 30

Little Ditty

A song for your windy Tuesday
Little Ditty
In B minor
Who likes to wear short skirts on windy days? Liz does!
Who rants when they have to wear pants? Liz does!
Who likes to show her bum to everyone? Liz does!
Oh, there is nothing like the freedom of short skirts blowing in the frosty breeze.
I must express, confess and detest the mess of me. 
Its a sight for all to see, my short skirt dancing in the spring time breeze.
The fabric whips and grips at my thighs 
as I slowly move from side to side and when it finally blows, you can hear all the people cry!

Who likes to wear short skirts on windy days? Liz does!
Old, young, mother, son, it matters not, who gets to see my crotch!
Trees, bees and sometimes leaves get to see what's between my knees
That' what happens when you prefer, like me, to keep it fabric free.
Tights are there and so is underwear. I'm not commando, that's a short skirt no,no.
But to fit this song, I say, how else do you get boys to stare, unless you don't wear underwear?

Who knows that Marylin ain't go nothing on me? Liz does!
Who thinks your begging for her to wear leggins? Liz does!
Who thinks its no use having anatomy, unless its there for all to see?
Liz Does!!


  1. I heart your song!

    Oh Liz, I'm totally sick. Why oh why didn't I spend our Nordstrom Rack time making you dress me? Spent all day watching what not to wear and I so don't have anything to wear to Muse. I'm shattered. All I have nearby is Walmart. DISASTER.

    But it was a great song about short skirts.

  2. I didn't know you were such a poet! Watch Erika Badou's version of your song in her new video "Window Seat."


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