Tuesday, March 16

I'm starving

If there was ever a movie that I felt strongly about seeing, it was "The Hunger".  

David Bowie as a vampire, cheese and crackers, Batman!
The anticipation that was digesting inside my guts for this movie, was not unlike trying to digest a whole mass of 99 cent tacos from Del Taco, mean and stinky, but really easy going down.
On the whole it was a very interesting concept for a vampire movie. 
Essentially there is the vampiress (sexy chick I didn't recognize) and her vampire lover (Bowie). They have been together for centuries and they are hot and happening and all that great jazz that comes along with being a damned creature of the undead. 
At least it is until David Bowie can't sleep(very Edward Cullen of him) and starts to age very rapidly. Enter a very young Susan Sarandon as a doctor--who as far as I can tell -- studies the effects sleep has on age. 

Bowie goes to Susan for help, but she straight denies him. It doesn't really explain why he starts to age, but we surmise it has something to do with not sleeping, and we also find out that this has happened to others that belonged to vampiress. So there is no help and Bow-dog, turns into a walking mummy in a day; all kinds of gnarly skin and a real nice set of bones. And vampiress puts him in a coffin, even though he isn't technically dead, but he is sort of a useless sack.  
Miss vampiress must get a new lover and who does she choose? Susan of course. Turns out there was way more Susan in the movie than Bowie and that really sucked. Although I think for the 80's it was a pretty risky movie. Blood, Nudity, Girl on Girl Kissing, which I have a hunch is the only reason this movie ever got watched back in the day.
(Image)* not even two girls, this is a women and Bowie. 
I know he looks feminine,its why he is hot. 
Overall the movie was kinda lame, but really what did I expect?

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  1. Talk about crossing generations, I, too, am HOT for BOWIE!


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