Thursday, March 4

Dexter Season 3

Watched the complete 3rd season of Dexter over the weekend. I feel comfortable saying that for me this is the best series on TV. I do, I feel good about saying that. Michael C. Hall plays Dexter so well, it sends shivers down my spine. For me its all in his facial expressions. He has this way of conveying so much, with just raisin an eyebrow. Or my favorite face of all was when he hit Paul over the head with a frying pan in season two (duh... Liz; I am pretty sure Paul is in prison in season two, so season One). It was classic, he knew it was bad, but he felt so good about it. Man, sooo great! 

It also makes me very interested in reading these books,


  1. He is so DREAMY...I'm in love with a serial killer(how Lucero of me)


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