Wednesday, March 10

Mind your P's and Q's

Does anyone know what our P's and Q's are?
Here is what I have come up with so far.
1. Peace and Quite
2. Please and Quilts
3. Purple and Orange
4. Puppies and Octupusses
5. Patrick and Quincy
I just don't know, but I could guess all day long and while speaking of Robert Pattinson
I just have to put it out there that I am going to see "Remember Me" at some point. Maybe this weekend or maybe I will wait for it for it to come out on DVD, either way I will see it. I was only half on its bus, until I saw the trailer and 1. they used Breathe Me by Sia, for the song in the trailer. I love it and I can't get enough of it and therefore it makes the movie look amazing. 2. Chris Cooper plays Emilie de Ravin's Dad. I love Chris and I really Love Emilie, even if her hair is --a nesting for baby ducks--on Lost right now, she still looks hot. And whether I like to to admit it or not. Rob is super hot. I mean I don't want him to be, but he is. I use to have him as my computer background at work, alright...are you happy?


  1. Please and Thank yous. It means to mind your manners. Stupid, huh?


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