Wednesday, February 24

My husband is more metal than you!

Even though the line up, could not have worked more against them. I am still very proud of my hubby and his band (Bird Eater) for making it to finals for the CWMA (city weekly music awards)!!
If you pick up a current issue of City Weekly and there are a bunch of greasy looking dudes on the cover, he is located in the very back! Or
if you follow this link, you can read the article.
Its been fun pointing it out in public; he loves that so much. They also played a show at the Depot on Saturday with the other contending bands and the Helio Sequence. And like I said, the line up couldn't have worked less for them ( they are metal, the rest of the bands, not, so it may have ruined everyone's evening, but it was fabulous all the same!!)
I am still  a very proud women, and I love your freaking guts!

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