Monday, August 31

Dear Justin Chatwin

I find you extremely cute. I would say handsome but I thought up unitl just two seconds ago when I looked at your IMDB page that you were maybe 5'4" and no one that small can be considered Handsome. However it turns out you are 6'1", so good for you. What I am really writting about is what you seem to be doing with youself career wise. I became aware of you when you did Chumscrubber. Which was a good movie all around and you played a very convincing d-bag, you can actually act. I mean you must be able to, you were in War of the
Worlds which I never saw but its a given if T.Cruise was in it and Dakota Fanning. Then your next biggest movie was the Invisible, which I saw with my sisters only because you were in it. I gotta say we were very disappointed. Not 100% your fault as it was the scripts: awesome concept, poorly executed. However you managed to look extremely cute the enitre movie and you did a pretty good job, so not all was wasted. My biggest problem is your most recent choice. Dragonball Evoulution? I mean seriously, you don't do really anything and then you have the audacitiy to show up in this movie. Granted the 15 or 20 minutes I saw was in the realm of a good bad movie, but come on you are way too cute for Dragonball ( this also goes for you Emmy Rossum). So please try to do something worthy of your skills and cuteness, in the future. That is all. L

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