Monday, August 24

Post "I'm never going to college" Grad

This pains me to write because I want to wrap Alexis Bledel in a blanket and copy her DNA for future blue eyed beauties to come. She is so adorable that I don't think her face would lend well to any other character than the sweet and smart girl she is so good at, and always, portrays.
However this film was so extremely underwhelming that there is really no way I would ever subject my self to this kind of boredom again. Which is really saying a lot, because I will virtually watch any movie, multiple times.
I think my biggest ish is that I am currently going to college. There is no sadder thought than that of me graduating and being in the same place I was when I started, only poorer.
My second issue is that, aside from Watts and Keith, I don't think that you can truly be in love with your best friend and not even know it.
Also, Michael Keaton, I am certainly not the person to talk to about post Batman advice, but honestly, is there nothing better out there?
I will say this though, Zack "the best friend" Gilford-aside from his short height-is a total buck. I would be in love with him too, only I would know it, and i would own it. L

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