Wednesday, August 26

21, Forever

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter because I am angry. I am angry at the inconsistency of your establishment. Yesterday when I visited I was assaulted with a sea of cheap silk chiffon in patterns of plaid. Your shorts and skirts tend to err on the side of genealogically short and your tops tend to show all my breasts. I know this should not come as a shock, considering your given name. I myself have surpassed your suggested age limit. But I feel it wrong to suggest that all people that shop at you store want to look like baby prostitutes, no matter if they do stay 21, forever. I like your store for the fact that you have such agreeable pricing, especially in financial times such as these. I wonder if that is why you have such a wide range of crap. It may keep your costs down, therefore insuring that my cost is down. If I could then beg of you to stop making items such as these:

Because these things are not doing anyone any favors, it only encourages them. Just say no to satin, crushed velvet, zippers, animal print, bedazzled, bejeweled or lacy decorated clothing items. I do not wish to wade my way through any more body suits.

And for every bedazzled skort or satin jumpsuit, you have one or two really great items that makes me not hate myself for stepping through your doors. I know you are capable of having things that fit and are not made of mesh or lace. For example:

Continue filling your shelves with these items and I don't write any more letters. Fail to and you've got a race car in the red. And you don't want to see what happens when you get a race car in the red.

Best Regards,
Liz Lucero

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