Friday, August 21

so early
[8:31am] lizlucero2008:
I know I am sorry, How did you sleep last night?
[8:31am] lucylucci:
like a little loggy, you?
[8:34am] lizlucero2008:
pretty good, this morning my pups wanted to go out and they like to wake me up like 15 minutes before my alarm goes off so lately I have just been ignoring them caus I feel like they can wait 15 minutes. Anyway when I got back to sleep I had a dream that my whole house was covered in poop and red ants and I was frantically trying to sweep it all up before the red ants tried to eat me. I was super scary and gross and I kept stepping in poop and then it turned into the old fox hills elementary field and there was a guy helping me blow all he poop and red ants out of the field because we were getting ready to have a wet t shirt contest.
[8:47am] lucylucci:
look at you remembering your dream so well.
I love it!
Such a random, yet coherent part of your life all in one tasty morsel.
[8:53am] lizlucero2008:
so I just emailed you that sweaty i was talking about last night check it out
[8:56am] lucylucci:
ok, so i have been thinking about it, and i really want to start collecting fabulous beards and put them up on my wall, a beard fresco, if you will
[8:59am] lizlucero2008:
I will! I think it is a great idea. First question Anthony asked me about the show last night was how was his beard.
[9:00am] So I am listening to Stephan Jenkins playlist: Music to listen to on the Beach in Bali and it is a surprisingly good list
some beruit, heartless bastards, tv on the radio and minus the bear
[9:00am] lucylucci:
who is Stephen Jenkins?
[9:01am] lizlucero2008:
leas singer of third eye blind
[9:01am] lucylucci:
sick, and i love it
[9:01am] lizlucero2008:
right i was initially checking it out cause i thought it was going to be super nasty and its not which it kinda better
especially cause all the post about it have been like i didn't like it or only a few songs or this sucks
cause it really doesn't
[9:03am] lucylucci:
but you could see how people who like 3rd eye blind would think that
what'd Anthony say about Dan's show?
[9:04am] lizlucero2008:
totally which kinda makes it so much better, but I do like third eye blind, cause I am awesome like that
He said okay
[9:04am] lucylucci:
great.... You would
[9:05am] lizlucero2008:
so I am on j crew lookin at the new arrivals and I gotta say they have a lot of their models wearing shorts with tights and I love it
[9:05am] lucylucci:
can we start a blog?
Oh, i will def checksie it out
[9:06am] lizlucero2008:
yes lets do, I have long since thought we should and I am pretty sure I was just thinking about it this morning
I had one set up on blog spot but I forgot my log in info
[9:06am] lucylucci:
we are so on the same page its crazally
[9:07am] lizlucero2008:
I know, you can even post playlists on your blog on blog spot how fun is that
[9:07am] lucylucci:
im silently screaming at my computer
[9:10am] lizlucero2008:
so lets just get it started, why don't you create a account on blog spot since i probably have one already but can't remember it
I could really go for a huge bag of candy right now
like ginormus
[9:11am] lucylucci:
What should we call it?
Also i have a $5 gift certificate to the pharm here, so we can get goodies for lunch
[9:12am] lizlucero2008:
go fug yourself.. I mean..perez hilton I mean fug Perex Hilton I mean I don't know...I knew you could get me some goods
GO! Fug Perez Hilton, yourself
[9:14am] lucylucci:
[9:14am] lizlucero2008:
something cut like dirty gold fish water
Or something gross like white fluffy kittens
[9:15am] lucylucci:
or cute like i have the paws of your kittens in my purse
[9:16am] lizlucero2008:
I really do like that actually but can it be
I have the paws of your kittens in my yellow purse
[9:16am] lucylucci:
that i got from anthropolgie
[9:17am] lizlucero2008:
I think its puuuurfect
[9:17am] lucylucci:
[9:18am] lizlucero2008:
can we post this conversation as our first blog post
[9:18am] lucylucci:
absolutly we should
[9:18am] lizlucero2008:
me thinks it would be
wait for it
[9:19am] lucylucci:
[9:19am] lizlucero2008:
I mean how do you even do a silent scream justice
but that is what that was
Lucy what are you doing and did you check out that email
[9:30am] lucylucci:
so true, Tommy just came in for his second interview
we talked for like 10 minies.
I am so funny he was slapping his knee the whole time
[9:32am] lizlucero2008:
you are so funny, soon you’ll be beating guys off with both hands
[9:32am] lucylucci:
and all my toes
[9:32am] lizlucero2008:
tricky mickey
or trick mick for short
[9:33am] lucylucci:
just call me tri mi
[9:33am] lizlucero2008:
[9:34am] lucylucci:
Tee-M, like people would call TJ Tee-J, impossible to shorten initial, people still try
[9:35am] lizlucero2008:
I think on the blog you should have a beard of the day section
[9:36am] lucylucci:
of course, thats where my blog idea stemmed from, beards and more beards.
plus all the other stuff
that we love
[9:37am] lizlucero2008:
like books and movies and clothes and tea and the smell of rain and the fact we love winter and hate snow and
and we shop cause we love it
[9:38am] lucylucci:
Emile Hirsch, JGL
[9:38am] lizlucero2008:
and we watch movies a million times in the theatre, single handily keeping the economy alive
JJJJJJJJGGGGGLLLLL and Emile Hirsch for sho
[9:38am] lucylucci:
and that we can never get sick of each other
and we have a really great/strangely strong sisterly bond
and about our secret crushes on our married co-workers
[9:40am] lizlucero2008:
and self indulge in how freakin awesome we are
[9:41am] lucylucci:
and how we go through Wendy’s drive- t, don’t get enough food cause Buffalo chicken is good, but small, go back through Drive-t and get 2 bacon delights each
I still have to name it
[9:42am] lizlucero2008:
I really think we should name it I have the paws of your kittens in my yellow purse
[9:43am] lucylucci:
[9:45am] lizlucero2008:
So Misty and Dave invited us to go Idaho over Labor day and we are going which means no cabin for us. And my hear shattered into one million pieces
[9:48am] lucylucci:
i hate it when my hear shatters into a million pieces, but really L, Im so sad I have to buy school books instead of gas to Starvalley Wyoming.
[9:49am] lizlucero2008:
I know i can't even talk about it any more
Do you have a can opener at your work?
[9:51am] lucylucci:
I think so
If not I will ask Robbie, he seems like the kind of person to have a can opener in his pants
[9:52am] lizlucero2008:
totes thought right?
[9:52am] lucylucci:
[9:53am] lizlucero2008:
k cause my spaget O need an opener. I can run to Maverick on my way if we need anything, what did you bring
[9:53am] lucylucci:
did you see that i have a $5 thing for the pharmacy here, and they have treats
i brought pizza hot pockets and raspberries
[9:55am] lizlucero2008:
yum I will get us some drinks and then we have spaget O do we want those or maybe like a salad
[9:55am] lucylucci:
[9:56am] lizlucero2008:
okay i will surprise you
[9:56am] lucylucci:
ah i love them
[9:57am] lizlucero2008:
they have pea green leather gloves on Jcrew that are amazing
[9:57am] lucylucci:
i will look at them

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