Monday, August 31

smexy MC lush pants

I am so easy to please. Especially when it comes to television, I will watch just about anything, and love it. So I am genuinely not ashamed to admit that I watch 10 Things I Hate About You, the TV show, on ABC Family. I'm not under any impressions that its going to win any awards one day, or even that the acting is amazing. I like it because it entertains me, and fills my romance hole every Tuesday.

My only qualm with television and movies is this... men are men, not boys. I would have been all sorts of all over the place if a dude this attractive
would have gone to my high school. Only he is not 17, more like 24.
Also the super attractive people of this world are in movies anyway, so they are payed huge sums of money to play normal people like us, only they are beautiful.
Funny that I hated high school, but that I will subject myself to live it vicariously through a television show, and see beautiful actors and actresses that do it better than I did.
In the mean time, Ethan Peck aka Patrick Verona. Save me a seat at the lunch table. I will be the other equally too old student at Padua high; maybe we can share a PB&J. I like your dark curly hair, your pink lips, your height, your motorcycle, your pretty skin, your eyebrows, and your attitude.

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  1. Seriously where in the world were him and Eric Stoltz when we went to school? I think that I would say Marcus is a perfect combo of Eric stoltz and Rupert Grit, in my minds eye. Right?