Friday, August 21

Hate to start this way but..... I really don't

*So we (Lucy and myself) talked about the fact that this isn't going to be a super personal blog. We are not going to be posting pictures of ourselves and we are not going to be giving updates about our lives. So I just wanted to let you know in case you cared.*
Having made this disclaimer it is time to move on.

So I am sure you all can relate to to having a day when you have nothing to wear. Maybe some of you more than others. Some people correct this by simply not dressing. They are content to stay in the comfort and ease of last nights baggy t-shirt and stained sweats. Comfortable even to say run some errands in last nights baggy t-shirt and stained sweats. Which is unfathomable to me. I really don't think that it would require too much more effort to put on a pair of jeans. However, I do think that it is a safe bet I would much rather run into someone in pj pants in the ice cream isle than someone wearing this:

Lindsay Lohan seems to be in a perpetual slump of having nothing to wear or maybe everything she owns has just been at the dry cleaners. She has such a busy career that she hasn't had the time to pick up her pants. Like Loralie Gilmore before her, she simply forgot and on the Morning of her daughters first day of school at a very proper super expensive private school. She went to her closet and found that the swishy skirt she was going to wear was absent. But because she is so insightful, she pulls out her trusty white leather slouchy boots and daisy dukes and heads out to conquer the day anyway. Even if she is just one more bad career choice away from becoming a porn star.

Case and point:

She was really close to pants in these, just so close. But still really far from a career. Shucks. L

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