Monday, August 24

FOR THE LOVE OF..........

So I have this thing for Joesph Gordon Levitt. You could call it a crush or an obsession either is probably correct. He is not the only celebrity crush I have had and he won't be the last. They come on like a fever, they burn hot for a while and then when it subsides I am cured of that attraction. This particular attraction stems from a few variables:

1. He has dark hair and I am seriously putty in the hands of a man with dark hair, especially if it happens to have any natural curl to it at all.

2. He has dimples. Enough said.

3. I think he is a really fantastic actor.

Now I didn't always harbor these feelings. I am the first to admit when he was on Third Rock From the Sun, I hated him and his pre-pubescent long hair(ick). Even in 10 things I hate about you, my obsession was not for JGL but for the little know man candy with his hot Australian accent (Heath Ledger). So it wasn't until I saw JGL in a film called Brick about 3 or 4 years ago that I developed a full addiction. His hair was longer and he had more than successfully grown into that face of his. So I looked into some other films he had done. I watched Mysterious Skin and Manic, both totally depressing movies but he pulled them off with impecable acting skills and of course that face. I read a few interviews with him and he was smart, funny and quirky which I adore and I became a offical fan from then on. I do try to keep it to a level just under stalker and I find that I am pretty good at not being too creepy. For instance, Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble and for the briefest of moments I had in my hands one book (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, so far excellent), and a magazine that contained an article about Joesph Gordon Levitt. I am proud to report that after a brief over view of the article. I put the magazine back and didn't purchase it unable to bring myself to read it in full. I would like to believe that Joesph Gordon Levitt is in fact and in truth as amazing in real life as I have made him out to be inside my head. A scenario in which we would meet at some awesome yet totally discreet coffee shop and totally bond over our love for french films and tea. Even though I don't really have a love for French Films unless you count Amelie. But I am getting ahead of myself and this is the reason I put the magazine back. It is so much easier having a crush on someone if they are only a face. Or being in love with a character they play in a movie. Which I was totally in love with Tom, his character in 500 days of Summer. The biggest reason was his wardrobe. It was so perfect and he wore a vest. Oh help me now a man in a vest, I adore you. He is my ultimate man candy for sure (did you spy his picture here with his sexy glasses, swoon.) but I think I will keep the relationship: Actor and Admirer, cause my heart can't take it any other way. L

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