Monday, August 31

i HATE mondays

Whenever I was asked the question "if you could have any super power, what would it be." My answer was usually, to be able to read minds. I still think that I would love to know what people were thinking, especially in certain situations. I realize that is could also be really crappy to know the things people don't say out loud, but I still think that if I could have one that is what it would be. That is to say until I had the commute I had this morning, and now I wish I could teleaport. Mondays as I am sure you can all agree are the worst days of the week. Only second to Sunday nights when you must prepare yourself for the coming work week. Monday morning commutes are especially irk some. You are half awake, running late and the last thing you want is to have some idiot lay on his horn, every single time the light turns green. Now, did he just know that people are never paying attention to the lights, therefore doing everyone of us a favor? OR was he simply the devil in a black Chevy? I prefer to think the ladder and from the look of every other driver's face, they agree. I would be satisfied with either being able to teleaport myslef out of that situation or even just be able to teleaport him outta there. I'm not picky. L