Tuesday, August 25

My Fall Wish List

Today the sky outside my window is a hazy grey. I have a cup of Tea that I am sipping and the smell of damp air greeted me on my way to the car. It is fall, if only in appearance. Whenever the seasons change I change my closet and bring the sweaters and long sleeved shirts out and put away my short sleeves. After inspection of my current collection I got to thinking this morning; if I could afford anything for fall what would it be? Here is a wish list of mine for this coming season. I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

This jacket is amazing, I would buy one in every color (it also comes in dark plum purple and black, swoon) if I could. I have a soft spot for ruffles and rosettes on any item of clothing. This would look great with a pair of skinny jeans or a nice black sheath dress and black tights. It is a classic blazer without being boring and if I had $128.00, it would be mine.

It doesn't display it in this picture but the brim of this hat can flip up and lay against the top. It is an essential fabric of fall, Tweed and the button detailing is so amazing. And with the price tag of &38.00, it is realistic, the only thing on this list that is. This hat would be a great accessory to any fall and winter ensemble.

I first saw this hoodie in the catalog and the model that was wearing it had the neck tied in a bow. I am all about classic pieces having a girly twist. So I have wanted it ever since. With a price tag of $55.00 it will have to stay on my wish list and not in my closet. It would be perfect for any cozy night in front of a fire or any day that you felt lazy and you only wanted to put on a sweatshirt and jeans and still look put together.

I remember the first time I ever saw anyone wearing peeptoe booties. I seriously thought that I might puke. However since 2004 they have grown on me. I love the distressed look of these, you could wear them with jeans or with a dress. And with a price of $158.00 you would want to, so you got your money's worth.

These gloves are lined in cashmere. I can imagine how that would feel against my skin on a cold and snowy/rainy day this season. I admit the color is what really drew me to them . Just like having a steaming bowl of pea soup in your hands all day long, yum. However as they are $88.00, I think I would leave them home and just stare at them. No need for them to be exposed to the harsh elements outside my door.

I admit that I almost bought this. I thought it was a coat and the ruffles were more than I could handle. As it turns out it is a sweater coat and not even lined. So spending $168.00 was too much for something that may not even keep me warm.

So again ruffles. I just want to be one big ruffle, that is my wish. I think at this point it is down to me to simply sew ruffles onto all my clothing and call it a day. Seeing as this shirt is $98.00 and I have no hope in ever seeing it hung next to any of the above mentioned items.

Finally we have the wardrobe essential. A satchel purse in dreamy brown, which is fine to wear with black in case you ever wondered. Now one would think that spending $245.00 on a bag is enough to get you committed. I counter with this. How many times have you bought a bag for $20 or less. Only to have it break in the supermarket and you are left on your hands and knees picking up your tampons and lipstick before someone steps on them? That's what I thought. L

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