Friday, August 28

Nicely done

So Hollywood is a funny place. Where really pretty people go on crazy diets and buy mostly disgusting handbags and have tiny dogs in them. It is sad (for ME) because on the whole I really love watching movies and therefore I care about the lives of those people in them. So when news like Emily Blunt and John Krasinki are engaged, I tend to do mental somersaults. Mostly for the reason that I love it when two people of this caliber find each other. Both really good actors, both very low key and both very attractive. I heard rumors of a relationship forever ago and I even found myself wondering just the other day if is was true and if these two were still together. Turns out they are not even still together but getting married! Couldn't have done it better if I had done it myself.

Another two of my favorite Hollywood couples. I love Mandy Moore and I am not ashamed to admit it. Her movies are good and her skin is so flawless that I want to lick it. She has this super dorky sexiness that makes me girl crush on her. Ryan I have read is a total jerk but he is an excellent musician and I firmly believe that Mandy makes him a better man. Then of course Zooey who is perfect. I secretly think that if we were to meet we could possibly be best friends. Plus her hair always, always looks amazing. The mere thought of a a Zooey/Ben children, runs shivers up my spine. They will be the most talented kids on the block, and you can take that to the bank. L

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  1. I like to see my two favorite women in Hollywood, WITHOUT their surprisingly likable perfect other halves. I mean... I guess I am "happy" for them... but not the real kind: the kind where I hope Zooey/Mandy wake up to find their bfs up to their elbows in cocaine and hookers and they realize that although they "love" each other, they are just too good... too naturally beautiful, wholesome, and amazing to be with men that only APPEAR to be worthy... but as I mentioned before, are up to their elbows in powdered sugar and ladies of the night, and these women decide to take a random Yes Man style flight to SLC, meet a guy like or the same as me, and live out the rest of their lives in bliss. What? Yes. Yes I do plan to frame them. Know any coke dealers?