Friday, August 21

I have a man out here that wants to die for his country......oblige him.

So this was originally going to be a post about Paper Heart. Which is a truly sensational movie. I love Michael Cera and I am only familiar with Charlyne Yi from Knocked up where she plays a very convincing stoner. It is a mockumentary and I have read from a few sources that they were indeed dating at one time but are no longer. However it does not make this film any less enjoyable. It was funny to the point of tears especially if you like awkward romances, which I do. Check out the movie website here:

Anyway this post is actually going to be about Inglorious Basterds. Now I obviously can't recommend this movie for everyone. I can however recommend it to just about everyone. Even if you are not a Quentin Tarantino fan, as I am myself, I still recommend this movie. I saw this movie twice this past weekend. I know, most people don't bother seeing movies more than once in the theatre. I belong to rare breed of human that does see movies multiple times while it's on the big screen. I also purchase and continue to watch movies multiple times. I am just crazy like that I guess. Anyway, moving on. Inglorious Basterds was for me the best film Quentin has done. Hands down. I feel like it was his best looking film, best acted film and the best story. It is by no means historically accurate but none the less entertaining. It is maybe the only film of its kind. In that because he doesn't follow the actual events of history, he is able to deliver something that everyone wants to see. Which is giving those Nazi a taste of their own medicine, I don't care how pacifistic or against movie violence you are. It was satisfying to see a few Nazi officers get a fraction of pain they inflicted on an entire race of people. Quentin is good at speaking to that spot inside your head that you keep locked up. For those two hours you are just as disgustingly brutal as he is. His dialogue is un matched and it serves the movie in a totally different way as suspenseful and with a trace of humor that movies about war always need. It was overall just a solid movie and I highly recommend it. L

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