Friday, August 28

Oily Mc Nonconformist Pants

I am not fond of KStew and the her repulsive hair, and the fact that she knots her shirts on the bottom, and that she shakes her head and calls it acting, and that she adds utterly zero depth to Bella, and her unusual twitch, and that she can’t play any other character aside from heartrending and dejected and broken, and her two front buck teeth, and her self-importance, and the fact that she doesn’t give the Twilight series any acclaim for being where she is now, and that she is nasty, and that she wore a Minor Threat shirt and tokes it, so I guess she’s an idiot and doesn’t realize Minor Threat pioneered Straight Edge, and gives really dreadful interviews, I abhor it all.
Whew, that felt miraculous. L

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