Friday, August 28

No more "Spider Monkey"

This doesn't come as a shock I am sure to reveal that I, like most women, love the Twilight Books. When my cousin first told me about them four summers ago I admit at first they sounded terrible. Then my sister in law mentioned them not too long after that and I was like well two recommendations is better than one. So it was that I found myself at Barnes and Noble one day and I was in line to check out and there was a very small pile of Twilight and New Moon Books. This was one month before Eclipse came out and right before pandemonium hit. I saw it there and I thought "What the Hell." But I only bought Twilight because if it "sucked' I didn't want to waste my money on two books. Of course what followed was nothing short of a obsession. These books are really just a fun, enthralling and romantic read. Though some argue that they are not written well, I be to differ, they are perfect for what they are. Naturally I was as excited-though some what hesitant-when the movie was announced. I read a lot of books and many of them end up being movies. I know that allowances must be made for the sake of script and budget and sometimes this makes for a movie that is not true to the book itself. However, I don't think that gives enough of and excuse for what happened with the Twilight movie. I like terrible movies, so for this reason alone I can watch Twilight. But it doesn't not resemble in anyway the book for me. The acting was terrible and the script laughable (I can't believe she is writing the other movies!). I realize that they can't put in everyone of my favorite moments, but to just add dialogue when for the sake of argument was the only good writing in the books, is just infuriating.
And fortunately we get new directors but unfortunately are stuck with the cast for the rest of the movies. I and my sisters may be the only ones routing for the re cast of Jacob and the only ones screaming yes when Victoria was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard, its so great she doesn't talk out of the side of her mouth. I am also pleased with the stellar cast they assembled for the Volturi. This gives me hope that maybe you won't notice that Kristen Stewart can't show emotion and that Robert Pattinson is being totally awkward and not charming.
I can only hope that the next couple of movies are a more bearable. Eclipse will be directed by David Slade who did "30 Days of Night" and I get excited just envisioning a mash up of Eclispse the book and 30 Days of Night the book (which I have read), in which the stranger plays Riley and the fight in the woods looks a lot like when the vampires in 30 Days of Night feed off the humans. So here is hoping. L

At the very least the costumes, make-up and wigs look one million times better in these photos.

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