Tuesday, August 25

Beard of the Day

I wish that you all could have spied the tooly guy that just came through. I believe that my love for the beard is partially spawned from the hilarity I find in a beefy dudes appearance. I realize that most dudes can have a beard, but its more of a grungy thing as of late; and I appreciate that in contrast of the everyday shirt and tie combo I am subjected to everyday at work. Which is not to say I don't love a man in a suit with a beard, but that combo is a little off kilter, just like I'm trying to convey about the beard. Can you dig it?
Anyhoodle, this beard may top my BOTD beards thus far. Bennett (beard's person) is in a New Hampshire based band called The Network, who happen to be really great friends of Gaza, Liz's husband, Anthony's band (whew, that was a lot of mouth.)
It was at an art show for our cousin Dan that Anthony was saying that he read our blog, and liked it (which literally almost made me cry.) We discussed my beard of the day postings, he suggested Bennett, and the rest is history.
Back to the beard... I am so into the way it seems to be completely in one place whilst it's person is swinging and doing his metal thing. Not unlike a lady who over Aquanets her, causing all the strands to move in sync, only way less gross. Also there is a lot going on in this picture, but i feel like the beard steels the show. Not every beard can do that.
Dear Bennett, wherever you are, I toast you and your beard. L

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