Monday, August 31

You. Yes! You.


So Lucy and I talked about this extensively on Friday night. As such we will both be contributing to this post about our beloved fictitious character Marcus Flutie. This topic came up in a round about way, just like everything else we discuss. I wish we were IM ing each other so that we could post that particular conversation. However we were just sitting on my front porch enjoying the perfect evening. Our conversation covered lots of interesting things like the weather, books, life, my dogs you know those really important things. During our intense discussion we did a comparison of Bella Swan and Jessica Darling. Then I think Lulu (Lucy) mentioned that she was asked a question on campus the other day by a dreadhead and he was super sexy and it made her think of Marcus Flutie. Then I said, I just realized that everyone once in a while I find myself attracted to a dreadhead and I never realized it was and is because of Marcus Flutie. Before I continue any further I should tell you that Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie are the characters in one of our favorite book series: Sloppy First, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings and Perfect Fifths.

The series follows Jessica and Marcus' relationship through their sophomore year of high school clear until they are 25. Probably the best things about Marcus is that he honestly and genuinely doesn't care what people think about him, but cares about people and their feelings. There is a fine line between arrogant and confidence, and Marcus has mastered the confident but not really arrogant at age 17!
Then there is the brains, he is totally this druggie that you learn is caused by the fact that he is bored, cause he is border line genius. He is so smart and uses high school as his eternal social experiment. For example when you first meet Marcus in the books he is wearing a Backstreet Boys shirt because he thinks its funny, and it is.

Then you have his romantic side. He plans out this fantastic New Years eve date for Jessica that includes all of the wonders of their tiny town. Then he allows his best friend to date the girl he loves, even though he loves her so much, because he thinks they would make each other happy.

He is dead sexy. Liz and I have discussed how red heads are either ridiculously ethereal and beautiful or totally unfortunate. Marcus falls under the former, and the best part is in the last book, you get a peak inside his head, and find out that woman everywhere fawn over him, he is even so sexy he dates a college professor. Liz and I both were so happy about this because we both pictured him as a total buck, even in high school.

Last but not least.... In the last book it talks about how he is SO enamoured by Jessica and her her more than anything. I can't speak for every girl out there, but for me, I want my significant other to love me in every way possible. Even when Jessica goes through weird phases and cheats on him, he is still Marcus, and is a total bad ass. So on these facts we did a obvious comparison of Edward Cullen and Marcus Flutie. In truth if they got in a fight Edward would totally kick Marcus's ass only if because he has super human strength and the fact that Marcus is a Buddhist, and therefore wouldn't fight back. However if he wasn't, he would put up a very good fight, and I daresay in my mind, he could make Edward bleed, that is how awesome he is. We love Marcus more because he not only tells Jessica he loves her, but he shows her in ways that speak intimately with our souls. He isn't just a beautiful super model. He is a freakin buck of man, that is flawed with warm skin that smells like cedar chips. He loves old people and he makes out with Jessica even when she shoots snot on him. I mean if that's not the most romantic thing ever, then I don't know what is. Marcus Flutie is the perfect fictions character. Hands Down No Contest. L&L

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