Thursday, August 27

Gaga not packin

So I am not aware of this story but I was informed of it yesterday by the husband. Apparently at one of Lady Gaga recent shows, her skirt flew up and people saw something a little extra under there. I am a fan of anyone who will leave the house dressed as a Muppet. She is trying to create something more than just a trashy pop star. She is trying to be iconic, in the vain of say Michael Jackson and his glove or his military style jackets. Lady Gaga is crazy. Literally insane. She thrives on being flashy and exuberant. She has said herself she is bisexual and she is not afraid of saying just whatever will fall out of her mouth. That all being said. I would not put it past her to make everyone think she also had dude parts. It just makes her that much more crazy. But it is just not true and the reason I know this is 1.Because here are some pictures of her wearing tiny hot pants and there is no hint of anything but maybe cameltoe. 2. I think someone like Lady Gaga would lead with I have a penis in every interview she gave before this incident. Now I was told you can find pictures now that do show something. All I have to say to that is, once the "ball" is rolling how hard is it to photoshop? I firmly stand behind my statement of "it is just a stunt, and don't believe everything you read." L

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