Sunday, August 30

Beard of The Day

I would have to say that Sam Beams Beard can be respected and should be appreciated, no matter who you are. The richness of its color, the capacious size of the beard, the way his mustache is really perfect, everything about it is what a real beard should look like.

Recently Liz and I were at an Iron and Wine show (that was really hot.) I was telling her that he is married, has four daughters, and lives in Texas.

We subsequently discussed the possibility that he would sit next to his daughter's beds and play songs to them on his guitar, with his beard resting agreeably on his chest, enjoy the ballads as well.

I'm going to spend the rest of my life looking for a man that will croon our children to sleep as his fantastic beard snoozes along on his chest.
(Also, I really like Sam's hair, I think it really pulls everything together for him.) L

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