Wednesday, August 26

That's just me

It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed. I don't think its because I'm awesome in any way, I am just the youngest; therefore subjected to more awesome situations that could possibly induce blushing.
That said, yesterday night I got off the wrong train stop and had to hall myself up a hill to class, in the heat non the less.
As I was walking I kept feeling like something was wrong, but just chalked it up to my tights, who's crotch seemed to be shimmying down to not so pleasant places.
Not much time had passed when I was trying to pull the back of my skirt down, and found it tucked safely under my back pack... on my back!
The best thing is I couldn't find the slip I wanted to wear that morning, so I was wearing this tiny navy blue slip, that barley covered anything at all. Also the crotch in my tights may have been showing, and for sure the gut sucky in part(that looks like little shorts) was in full bloom.
The saddest thing is I was so exhausted I couldn't even truly appreciate the hilarity of the situation to its fullest full.

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