Monday, August 31

Beard of the Day... Body of the day.

So just on Saturday of all days, I was with my sisters at Toys R Us. We were looking in all the Wii games and I saw one for Wolverine. I got way excited and showed my sis Peggy the cover and said something like, "He is so sexy," whilst my mouth secreted spit. As I said so I was gearing up to give the greatest speech on Hugh Jackman ever known to man. Only she wasn't paying attention, so now I'm going to do it here.

Normally I am apposed to muscles in general. I was reading an article where Eric Bana was talking about how people who have really intense abs have no friends. This made me so happy and I think it is true for three reasons. 1st, People who work out a lot are not fun to be around, because that's all they think about, talk about, and do. 2nd, they always need reinforcement that they look as good as they think they do. 3rd, they look better than you do.
Anyhoo, for some reason I have the worlds largest chip on my shoulder when it comes to muscles. I associate them with d-bag football players that wear too much cologne. However I am totally in love with Hugh Jackman and its almost all because of his muscles.

His face is SO sexy, and he looks so good with that beard of his, but all of those things come second tier to his rockin' bod. I was talking to my friend David and we decided that he is so hot because he looks like his muscles are generated from hours of hard labor outside, and not from a gym. His muscles maintain the essence of doing work outside our cabin, like chopping wood for our fire. He is my dream schizophrenic mountain man to a T. Additionally, his wifey is thirteen years older than him! I have said it a million times, age differences make me randy. I love everything about them.

Also I really like that hairy chest of his. I don't know what it is about me and body hair, but its an obsession. L

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  1. I think they should hand out hot body awards just to him and him only. And maybe Brad Pitts body in Fight Club.