Tuesday, August 25

Rob, Jackson or Kellan

I am not sure if it is just that I am hungry because my lunch of spaghetti o's and a fruit roll-up was grossly unsatisfying. Or if maybe he really is looking sexy. So I need some help deciding. Is Kellan looking way more attractive than Rob or Jackson?

I totally had a crush on Jackson even though his wig is disgusting in the movie. Of course as a character everyone and their mother loves Edward Cullen. And because of this Robert Pattinson will only live until the end of the Twilight Franchise. Because he will either be killed by a crazy fan or disappear and develop a coke habit that sends him to an early grave because he is forever type casted as dreamy vampire.I don't even believe that the blood thirsty throngs of girls that stalk his every waking move love him, they are just hopin that if they smother him with butterfly kisses at some point he might bite them. So my question is this: on looks alone who stirs your oatmeal most.
Here are some pictures to help you decide, you are Welcome!

How about his sexy dimples?

So please vote for your favorite on left side of this page. Thank you! L

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