Tuesday, August 25

Lucy's Fall Wish List

Let me start off by saying that I want this here J crew model the most for fall. I love him so much that I even molded a character after him in a story I am writing; I love everything about the way he looks. It helps that he is in great clothes in all the J Crew catalogues. Also he was plastered all over H&M in New York, and I just stood there soaking him in.

Now that that is over I can move onto something a tad more realistic. Like Liz I love girly things. Ruffles and rosettes, particularity, stir my mush. Combine either of those things with a sassy color, a layering shell, and a luscious fabric, and you have yourself a fall essential.
It is no secret that I adore Summer, but fall is amazing for so many reasons, and the fact that you can have diversity with layering, is one the biggest pluses.

So remember how on Fever Pitch, with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, the friend's husband is going to buy the Red Socks tickets for SO much money? Then other friend is all "Are you that rich? Why don't you dress better?"
That is my question to all of you celebrities out there. Why don't you dress better? And why are you all not carrying around this Valentino purse?"

This is like wearing the cutest pumpkin ever. Need I say more?

I love plum for fall. I love velvet (done right) for fall. I love blazers for fall. And i love proper pleating for fall. Result... I love this J. Crew blazer for fall.

Yellow and fall should be best friends. As should me and these yellow Anthropologie shooties (cross between a shoe and a bootie.) I love the heel of these and even more i love tie that gives them so much personality, in such a small detail.

This ring is straight up almost $200. But if I had that much money to blow you better believe this would be on my finger, and on it good. I don't even know what it is with me and roses, but I love them. They are so delicate and girly, yet so bold. And in the same breath as before, I want to know why so many celebs are wasting their time on nacsty diamonds, when their is so much boss jewelry in this world!

At first I couldn't decide if this was too much, too fussy. After much deliberation, it is in fact, just enough. I love fabric, the slouch pockets, the gathered sleeves, the ruffly/scrunchy/rosettey collar. I love it all.

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