Monday, April 26

but...darn cute

Turns out when I have no one else to pick up after, I myself am a total slob. 
Generally, I can handle a little dirty, I, by no means,  keep a spectacularly clean house. But it is organized and tidy for the most part: swept, vacuumed etc., etc. I know people who can't sleep while dirty dishes are in the sink, which has never been a problem for me. Personally I think they like to sit out and enjoy some time in the world, instead of being hidden away in a cupboard, sort of like a plate-cation, if you will. 
But I never realized how much of slob I can be. 1 week alone and my house is a complete disaster and surprisingly, it turns out, your carpet won't vacuum it self, if you hold out long enough.  Which is total crap considering how much positive reinforcement I give it on a daily basis. Or the fact that I was there for it when it was going through its awful break up with the computer chair.
I also feel like there could be a million and one better ways to spend a Monday night, than cleaning your house.......... however, if I don't do it, who will?


  1. I think you should hold out hope that the house fairy will pay a visit while you sleep!!!!!