Friday, April 16

star tracks

1. Shia Lebeouf is totally cute, I even like his curly hair and beard.
2. Carey Mulligan is totally cute.
3. They are totally cute together and it makes me want to see Wall Street 2. Even though I could not care  less about men on Wall Street: once or twice.......unless it was a football movie, then it wouldn't matter how cute they were, I wouldn't see it.
Baby Olive is giving the paparazzi the thumbs up...oh, that is too cute! Papa Sacha Baron Cohen, has got to be so proud.
I love Parker Posey's face in this pic. Obviously she is showing off her shirt for another photographer, but she looks as though she doesn't have a neck and she is about three yrs. old...ha, ah... oh, good times. I just wish I was the fifth wheel in this picture. Because if I made a list of my favorite actresses, these ladies would all be in the top twenty, at least. Maggie might even be top ten.
I love that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are giving their seed to this earth..... for a second time. Its just so nice having people of their caliber, breeding.
I don't watch Dancing with the Stars......for this reason, the "talent" walks around wearing cardigans as shirts. yes... he can pull it off because he has a nice chest but..... that doesn't mean he should.

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