Tuesday, April 27

Tea Party

Last year Lucy and I threw a Tea Party for our Book Club. The book we read was called The Tea Rose.
Super great book, about Jack the Ripper and Tea and some lovin. Its a fun read albeit, kind of frustrating as well.
This year we read or were suppose to read Alice in Wonderland.  
And this is what we did
We went around in neighborhoods and office complex's stealing flowers. I know it seems wrong, but really free fresh flowers can never ever be wrong. Then we arranged them in mason jars and set them around our Tea room

We also decided on a color theme this year. It should be Turquoise, but appears blue.

Then we made tiny mad hatter top hats, out of cups and plates and ribbon and awesomeness.
(Lucy and I)
they turned out pretty well, considering we did them in a day.

This is not the best picture, but it says, "you are late for a very important date".
We made, cake balls, petit fours, and macarons, chicken sand which puffs, then had everyone bring there favorite candy. So delish.
We also put blue water and floating tea lights on our table, with little drink me labels. Very Alice!!
I think overall it turned out very well, especially considering we did it all in less than 24hrs. We started Friday night at 9 pm. Whoops.
Any way next year we were thinking, Steam Punk, we will see how it goes.


  1. Would it have been better if you had read the book? Eh. Who needs the book. Just put on the Disney version :)

  2. PIctures don't even capture how fabulous this tea party was. You guys are stars.