Tuesday, April 20

She's just being Miley

Where to begin, where to begin. I believe that most people who have a severe distaste for a particular actor, would refrain fervently from seeing any of their movies, if only on principal. My sisters and I however, find great joy in watching them make complete and total asshats, of themselves.
So it is and last night we enjoyed "The Last Song" with none other than smiley Miley Cyrus herself. I applaud her for shamelessly doing a press tour that promoted her and Liam's relationship movie.
They never talked about the fact the fell for each other in the movie, because a girl like her who gets a lot of dog crap (for all the crappy things she does to dogs...kidding, but I wish.... fingers crossed) in the media, should keep things like that, personal, and not whore it death. Good for you Miley. Don't feed that fire. 
As for her acting in the movie. She did such a great job, she was so believable and funny.... so funny, I mean  my sisters and I laughed our asses right off. So much so we thought the people behind us were going to get phyiscally violent because we were so loud, but that's just how funny she was. 
What's that you say? It was a sad movie, about her dad dying of cancer? Huh.....I must have missed something..... in my defense, it was really hard telling what was happening around Miley's snaggle tooth.


  1. Ooooh. I am sensing some snarkiness. What sayest thou? :)

  2. Last night as I reached the throws of sleep i was thinking.
    1) Buy that art work I emailed you.
    2) Maybe the most unbelievable part of that movie was that a guy with such a smooth chest like that, would fall for a girl who can’t keep her lips together.
    Than I laughed at myself, because it actually DID happen.
    It’s still unbelievable; I think he is in it for the recognition...
    I don’t blame him, well played you tall Australian goon, well played indeed.