Friday, April 23

Pie Maker

One thing that is nice about being home alone on a Thursday night, is not having to fight anyone over what movie to watch. I can pick a movie and watch it, end of story. 
And ever since I saw the trailer for Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day, I have wanted to see it.
Not only was this movie one of the most romantic movies I have seen in a very long while, it was also one of the most beautiful ones. 
The clothing, the music and the sets in this movie were absolutely spectacular.
Yes, that is a very attractive man (Lee Pace aka The Pie Maker from Pushing Daisies, one of my all time favorite TV shows, so of course it was canceled.) walking in a room with feathers hanging from the ceiling.
Yes, a very attractive Amy Adams and so tall and so dark, so very sexy, Lee Pace; looking in love and very attractive.
What is that you say? You want a closer look at his pretty face?
Oh, here you go.
Now go my little ones and partake in this movie in person, you will not be disappointed.

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