Tuesday, April 20

right where I left you

There are good things and there are worse things, about having your significant other leave for six weeks. Here is a list of mine; it was something I mentally compiled yesterday after sending my hubby off on a six week tour of the U.S. with his band.

List of Good:
  1. Not going to work and being able to stay home.
  2. My mom coming over to take me to lunch and help me plant flowers, my sisters coming over after that and going to dinner, shopping and the movies. It is a great way to know I am loved and a way better day than the one I original planned. A gallon of ice cream washed down with my salty tears. 
  3. Sole possession of the remote.
  4. Peeing with the bathroom door open.
  5. The cool points I subsequently get for having a rock star husband.
  6. Only having to do dishes and laundry for one. and.....
  7. A whole hell of a lot of me time.

List of worse
  1. A whole hell of a lot of me time.
  2. No weight or warmth on the other side of the bed.
  3. Aching loneliness
  4. quiteness
  5. Sad dogs that don't understand why dad's not home, they just sit and stare at the door....waiting.
  6. Only having to do dishes and laundry for one.
  7. People who constantly ask, "How are you? Because that would be really hard, your a saint" (I'm fine, yes it sucks, your not making it better, I not a f&%$#*@ saint.)


  1. There are no saints. But you are a hero. Without you I would not be a whole person and could not live the life I've been working for since I was fourteen. Dreams come true but I think it's requires as much sacrifice from the ones that love you as you require of yourself. So thank you for working so hard in your own way too make it possible for me to do this. I love you. And your stinky farts.

  2. It will pass. I won't say it will get better, but it will "get" over. Sometimes, I feel like slightly less than half of my marriage has been spent alone. (in truth, it is prolly closer to a quarter, but when you spend alot of time alone, you have to exaggerate things to make yourself feel more important :) Yes, you definately get cool points for a rock star hubby! And, you should try peeing with the door open when he gets home. It would take your relationship to a whole new level ;)

  3. I love that Tino stuck your stinky farts in there; I appreciate that even more since our conversation last night at Old Navel.
    Also, you forgot solid sister time.
    I dont have school Thursday, perhaps I will sleep over Wednesday, or you could sleep over at our apt.
    so many choices.

  4. *besos* to you and Anthony for making the rock-and-roll lifestyle work for you. Mmm, you made that gallon of ice cream sound good. But wait. I mean, I'll see you at the concert tonight and help you not be lonely!