Thursday, April 15

This is the skin of a killer

Never did the "sexual content" argument in Twilight make sense to me. For me it is PG-13 at the most. And it only gets that way in book four and by that time they are married. Which call me crazy, but married people have sex (people have sex, think about sex, talk about sex, even teens--especially shouldn't be a dirty word)....and if you aren't comfortable reading or having your teen read about a happily married couple having sex, then ban it from your house. Don't petition for it to banned from all Library's. Also, it's strange to me that they would even want to ban it. When there are plenty of books that display sex...loosely, this book is actually what they preach to their children, its a good example for young people in love. You have a boy that refuses to have sex with a girl until they are married!! Shouldn't you want to encourage that kind of behavior?
Also; Seriously....banning To Kill a Mockingbird?


  1. That seriously makes me angry. Censorship always does. That's a parent's job, not a government's, nor a group of "watchdogs", nor anything else. My job. MINE.

  2. I concur with Alyson. But if you want another example of a book that grew a little uncomfortable with, it was the Traveling Pants series. They literally say all teenage girls have sex. I didn't like it one bit. :$

  3. I cant believe that To Kill a Mocking Bird is on that list.
    Its not PRO racism, it illustrates how detrimental it is.
    I hate stupid people.