Monday, April 26

Ass kicking

You may or may not have heard about the movie Kick Ass
Haven't seen it yet but I plan on doing so. The other thing you may or may not know is the lead Aaron Johnson is going to be a dad at the tend age of 19, even more exciting for him and his preggers girlfriend, is she is 43, and has two kids already from a previous marriage, ages 13 and 3.

He claims he is ready for fatherhood and he loves his lady, which is super great for him. But seriously?
How can she not feel like she is babysitting her father to be, all the time?  I get how the sex part would happen. He is a very attractive young thing and I am sure after ending a marriage of 11 years, it would do a girl good to get some from anyone, let alone a boy with such a great head of hair.
But this large of an age gap makes no sense to me, especially when the women is the older one. There is no way a boy at 19  can make a suitable partner. It is just impossible, no matter how mature he appears to be. He is still a 19 year old boy. 
I give it a year at the most.


  1. I'll admit it, I find that super creepy. I'm an ageist, I've discovered from reading Jane Austen. The Knightley-Emma romance bothers me (even though he's a hunka hunka burning love) because he was 16 when she was born.

    And yet, it's pretty much infinitely preferable to this: he may have been 37 when he married Emma, but he was a grown up. He had his own manor. He was ready in every way to be a grown up, and so (at age 21) was Emma. The age difference still gets me *righthere*, but at least I don't have qualms about whether they were ready to make their choices, etc.

    This thing? Is like Mary Kay Letourneau. He may not be 13, but it still really seems not right.

  2. Age (as in a number) shouldn't make a difference. Age (as in maturity) makes all the difference in the world. I still can't fathom what Demi and Ashton have in common, and they have lasted surprisingly long...ish. I agree with the poster (sorry girls... I can't tell your blogging styles apart yet). A 19 year old boy is a 19 year old boy. And yes, creepy because when I saw the picture, I totally thought it was him and his mother... Ew.

  3. Wow,now that's an age difference that would seem more like pedophilia if the tables were turned and it was a she who was 19. And a mom at 43? That means her 10-year-old will have a 53-year-old mom. They say to each his own, but is anyone thinking of how the child will feel with a super-young dad, and a soon to be grandmotherly mom?