Thursday, April 22

Maybe...if you weren't such a loser

(image, my aunt Joan, Myself and the guitarist Mike from Here We Go Magic; taken by my aunt Alyson)
Tuesday night I went to the White Rabbits, Here We Go Magic and Mini Mansions, show with my dear sweet aunts, Joan and Alyson. It was so awesome, those ladies are just too fun. Not only that, but Alyson took all the pictures and blogged about the whole thing already. Saving me and my poor typing fingers from having to do it. 
I agree 100% with all she says. Although I do really love, Here We Go Magic, even when Luke's voice sounds a bit whinny, because honestly, all the vocals sounded whinny, I think it had something to do with the acoustics in Urban Lounge. Plus, I was all kinds of beside myself with how absolutely tiny (in girth and height) all the boys in White Rabbits were. I could not let it go....... they were just, pocket sized or fun sized, so tiny, but very talented, which might be why they all decided to make music together, cuz how else could they get women or girls..... and apparently I still can't let it go.


  1. I love how Joan is absolutely gaffawing in the back ground :)

  2. Thumbs up, you probably have more blog readers than I do so maybe you'll shove 'em all over to my blog for a minute. :)

  3. He looks handsome enough but that is not the way a real man holds his beer glass. Also you do look smokin hot though so I don't blame him for trying so hard.