Monday, April 26

Flight of the Kiki kins

I am so happy to see my favorite little Kiki kins out and about looking happy, fresh faced, dressed in the most adorable spring dress I have spotted yet (so adorable that I feel like knocking her out and stealing it off her lifeless body) and showered!! I truly love her so much! I believe and have for some time, that if we were to meet we could best friends. I would also single handed-ly get her and Jake back together, because I really do think that in some other universe, these two are enjoying a nice life together. In which, Kirsten is a Nurse, Jake is a Carpenter and they have seven kids (three toeheads, two brunettes and two readheads). Its far from all the Hollywood hysteria and therefore their tulips bloom all year.
In reality I am just happy that she will be in a movie this year and not only that but she will  be in a movie with king cuteness himself....

Ryan Gosling!!
Here is looking at you for 2010 Kiki!

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