Tuesday, April 20

Hello Dearest Love

Richelle Mead is a great writer and although these covers are shameful and I don't feel like I can ever, ever read them in public, because the judging looks would be so justified. It does not change however, that I want to scream from the rooftops how excited I am to read Succubus Shadows and to when it comes out May 18th, Spirit Bound.
I know I have talked about Richelle before and I know I have talked about these books before, so yes... I understand that the horse is dead from all my beating. But I swear I saw it twitch from here, so I gave it one more whack with  my bat.


  1. Have never even heard of Richelle Mead, so it's a good thing you had another stiff whack in you.

  2. You make me giggle :) What are the books about?

  3. The Vampire Academy books are a good read and on the safer less sexy side, but still talk about sex so..... It is kinda, albeit so loosely Twilight meets Harry Potter. Which Spirit Bound is Book #4 or #5 not sure

    The Succubus series is about a demon Succubus kicking ass, taking names and stealing souls of men after having sex with them, very sexy, very naughty language, but I love it.....