Thursday, April 22

Find a reason to stay home

So I was driving home the other day and the mini van in front of me had this bummer sticker on it.
All I could think was, what in the hell does that even mean? 
Is she (the large women driving) referring to herself as the Dragon. Because if she is, why would you willing make that comparison. Or, was she referring to her mini van? Because mini vans are many things, but Dragons, is not one of them. Does she even know that this phrase is taken from a band's name?
I bet not, she probably just thought it was funny. I mean she looked like the kind of person that would find this funny. The kind of person who is probably not referring to herself or her van as the Dragon, but referring to actual Dragons. Ones she herself has fought wearing something that looks kind of like.......
Girlfriend was just warning the good people of Earth that meddling in the affairs of Dragons leads to loosing limbs and a fetish of studded leather. 


  1. I can't speak with her, because it is kind of a funny bumper sticker even without the background info.

    But I can tell you, you can't always judge a minivan-driving book by its cover. Sometimes those moms are closet Muse lovers, or gals who leave their kids 100 miles away to go to midnight concerts with their sister and niece. You just never, never know.

  2. it wasn't the mini van, it was her I was judging.

  3. Ah. You're saying, she just didn't seem like she would rock out majorly in her spare time.