Friday, April 2

Abrasive Thrice

One of the best concerts (turns out it might be the only one I have been to so far) I went to this year was Alkaline Trio, with my dear sweet Marianne and Lucy.
Last time we saw them, Lucy and I went to the X96 big ass show, last summer, just to see them perform a 20 minute set, in which, halfway through, Dan's bass equipment went out and you couldn't hear him. And it was kind of disappointing as a whole experience, especially for Lucy who was seeing them for the first time. So, when we saw they were coming in February this year, we jumped at the chance. Equally as exciting was the fact that Cursive opened for them.
Our plan was to sit in the 21 and older section so that we didn't have to deal with the kids on the main floor. However, we had no desire to see the opening, opening band,  and by the time we got there, 21 and over was packed. Which was sort of a bummer. Also a bummer, the guy checking our ID's was super lame asshat. 
Mare and Lu went through just fine, but when it came to me he stalled. He kept looking at my ID, turning it over and over and then looking at me, then my ID, for maybe 5 minutes, which might not sound like a long time, but it is when you are just standing there. Finally I said "Is there something wrong?" and he shook his head and let me through. I was super annoyed and exasperated. Then Lu said "He was just trying to flirt with you." 
Which if that is true, was that honestly the best he could do? It didn't really get my heart a pitter pattering. Instead it made my blood boil and the desire to punch his dumb face, very strong.
But I was able to calm down especially when Cursive started. They played an amazing set and I sang at the top of my lungs. Tim Kasher (the lead singer) was having an especially good time. Considering he was wasted and he looked as though he just rolled out of bed (serious bedhead and all) right before coming on stage.
After that we stood around for a million years before Alkaline came on. It was very rock star of them and very annoying. Best part of the night was them playing Radio, and the fact it was Matt's Birthday and they had a male stripper come out and dance for him (kept fully clothed), then the whole audience sang him Happy Birthday. Total dream come true of a show. 
Never would I change a thing, well I would change this:  close to the end of the set, we were hit with the smell of death. We are still not sure where it came from, but rest assured it was putrid cesspool of stink. A combo of cheese, dirty socks, BO, mildew and baggy full of one million, two day old farts. *Gag*

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