Thursday, April 15

Betty's not ugly anymore

It wasn't tears..... but I did get a bit misty eyed, during the final episode of Ugly Betty. But ....I have that capacity, I cry-sort of- during shows all the time. I care enough about the characters and the story that I can honestly feel their pain, sadness, loss, etc., etc. and I think it makes me a better audience member than most others (you know who you are; you soul less creatures). 
Ugly Betty was a really smart, funny, and vibrant show. Unfortunately, they tried too hard to hold on to what made Betty so different and fresh, in the beginning of the series: the glasses, the braces, living with her family, and underdog in fashion, etc. etc. that she didn't grow as a character. It felt old and repetitive after just three seasons, and they lost the interest of the viewers.  Which then lead them into crisis mode (ha, that's funny, Mode like the fashion magazine, ha, he, ho anyway......) and started to get super kitschy to make people watch.
Which is too bad, because they were capable of so much more and so was Betty. Luckily they got a chance to prove it, the final few episodes were like...... putting on a comfortable poncho and going home.

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