Monday, February 8

Music Monday (album)

I am habitually embarrassed by people’s choice of lyrics. I wish that they would try and mold them in a more beautifully cryptic way. In a way that is a puzzle, that your puzzler must un-puzzle. I also like it when an artist tells a story that is something kind of different from the usual love/hurt conundrum we see in lyrics day after day.
That said, I can wholly say that I am never embarrassed by the lyrics in which Iron and Wine constructs. That’s why The Shepherd’s Dog has landed our opening album for Music Monday.
With tracks that vary from the core penetrating air of Resurrection Fern to the raconteur stylization of Innocent Bones. The Shepherd’s Dog is an album that contains enough discrepancy to keep you guessing; and each song still posses the strength of Beam’s startling poetry.

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  1. I totally have that album—well, some of the songs, maybe not all. iTunes lets me pick and choose like that. But the sad thing is, I never understand lyrics at all. They could write a song that says,
    "Alyson, understand me! My lyrics are easy to understand!"
    and I'd hear
    "Mal isson unders and me! Mile Eric star hissatou wonderland!"
    and I'd sing it that way with all my heart. And that's if they're good enunciators; if they sort of mush their consonants together or don't speak clearly, I only hear blah blah blah blah.

    But I'm listening to the Song of the Shepherd's Dog right now!


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