Friday, February 19


Tiger Woods; does anyone really care anymore?
  I don't think he needs to come out and apologize to the world. I mean, do you really feel you need a personal apology from him? I think he needs to make things right with his wife. If she decides to leave him, then that is her choice and rightly so. But to hold a press conference; for us all to hear what he has to say, its just ridiculous.
There was some asshat on TV yesterday talking about Tiger and the press conference. Saying that everyone will be watching what happens with his wife, because if she decides to stay with Tiger and forgive him, then so will the rest of the world. 
I'm sorry; What? 
Do we really love our athletes this much? So much, that we as a nation feel like Tiger cheated on us too? Do we really feel that entitled?
I know what he did was morally wrong, but the only reason he should loose endorsements is if a morality clause was in his contracts. Its not my business, its not your business who he sleeps with. Because believe it or not, who he sleeps with doesn't effect how he plays golf.

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  1. Leave him, Elin! And keep playing golf, Tiger. Agreed: who cares whether we "forgive" him or not? He didn't do anything to us.


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