Monday, February 8

National PJ Day

One thing I noticed about Super Bowl Sunday is, people like to stay in their PJ's all day long. They have no qualms what so ever about it. They tend to be football themed even, it is sort of exciting and also sort of disgusting. The one (and only thing) I love about Super Bowl Sunday is how much food people tend to consume. It might be the only thing that redeems this day. Because after all, it is a day that consists of sitting around a TV in your pj's and screaming at a group of men running a ball from one end of field to another.I also love that my conversation with Anthony about the Super went like this. 
Me: Isn't it Super Sunday tomorrow?
Anthony: I don't know... yeah I think so.
Me: Oh, do you know who is playing?
Anthony: I think its the Colts and the Saints.
Me: Oh, well I hope one of them wins.
Anthony: Yeah, one team usually does.


  1. You two and we all so could have had a nothing-to-do-with-Super-Bowl party. Last night we watched Penelope. I got the news about the winner last night on Twitter from one of my Canadian friends, and frankly I've already forgotten who won.

    I did watch some of the commercials today on hulu though!

  2. The best part is my Grand-ma Lucille knew who was playing and was talking to me about it while I was making donuts.! - Lucy


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