Tuesday, February 9

My beard hurts

I get a lot of headaches; once or twice a week. I believe it is more than most people, but I don't really know. They aren't very strong headaches; where they effect my vision or cause me unbelievable pain, they are mostly just annoying. I have had these headaches for as long as I can remember; so mostly I am just use to them now. I usually don't take anything for them, because I can't help but feeling that taking that amount of ibuprofen can't be good for me. I use to think it was because I hadn't updated my eyeglass prescription in a million years, but the headaches didn't stop after I did update it. Now I am pretty sure I know what is causing them. And there isn't much I can do about it, so I just live with them. The fun thing is to google "why I get so many headaches" and read what silly council and reasoning people offer. For instance:
Well some explanations for headaches,
are just lack of sleep, sometimes maybe TOO much sleep, and it was actually scientifically proven that if you have a little brother sister, you're more likely to have more headaches. A task, like homework for too long, can give you headaches. The temperature can even give you a headache.
there could be a number of things that cause headaches. Pains can vary over the head, forehead, temples, back of the head etc. It all depends where the headache is. I tend to find when I am stressed I get tension headaches at the front of my forehead and eyes. It is the brains way of telling you something is wrong. You could be coming down with something like a cold or it could be eyestrain.

 So essentially we get headaches from any of the following: too much sleep, not enough sleep, sickness, stress, little brother or sister, work, school, homework, driving, eating too much, thinking too hard, eyestrain, children, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, bosses, the weather and LIFE. so I am screwed, we are all screwed.Because my headaches are caused by the fact that I stare at a computer screen for at least eight hours a day while the humming glow slowly kills my brain. TOTALLY SCREWED!

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  1. Aw. Can your employers give you your job in print form? Along with the internet? Dude, I'd read that book all day.


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