Monday, February 8

I am not 100% in love with the new format. But, I really wanted to switch things up for February. Now that I am no longer knocking on deaths door. I think we can kick off our month of love. Firstly, I was going to go over this with Lucy last night at our family dinner, but I totally forgot. However, I feel like she will be on board. I love Valentines Day! I do and I love February, so that is why we will bringing you a month of all things we love, things about love etc. etc.. So get ready for a love over load!!
Also, since Playlist is blacklisted because of the virus, I am trying a new type of music player, lala. Which could be good, could be bad. I think you have to actually  push play, it doesn't start automatically.

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  1. Oooh, I love that I have to push play and it doesn't go automatically. This gets two bloody paws up from me. Or wait, is that allowed? Maybe just two boring thumbs up.


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