Wednesday, February 24

I've been shot; isn't that messed up?

Another day, another public shooting. It is so sad.

When I was younger I wasn't allowed to see rated R movies. There were a lot of reasons behind this logic, but the big one was sexual content. It didn't really matter as much (it did still matter) if there was a lot of violence. But the sex was a big no, no. Which makes sense; we don't want you to see passion and want to do it, but seeing violence and wanting to do that; that's fine. (I'm kidding, but honestly there is slight truth to that.) Anyway, kids at a young age shouldn't be exposed to the things often found in rated R movies. There is a reason after all that you need to be 17, even then, that might be too young, but what do I know. Mainly, I just hate going to a movie where there is nudity and I am stuck behind a group of 17 year old boys. I don't feel like I need a glimpse into their minds, but you always get it, because they are all about the verbal commentary. But if you go with the school of thought, that what you are exposed to, you want to try, it might be better to make love then war?  Now I realize how this sounds, I am single handily convincing everyone to go out and have lots and lots of sex. Nah, I'm just saying: Is the amount of violence in our media any better than the amount of sex? Because, I just can't help but wonder, Why? Why, have there been so many public shootings lately? I can't help but feel that there is some connection between the violence in our media and the way its categorized, the way its portrayed. I know there is violence going on all around the world. Real violence that young people are being exposed to; actual war. But its not sensationalized, its real; they see what it means when you shoot someone; blood comes out and most of the time, its followed by death.
So yes, I am getting on my high horse and blaming the violent video games that sensationalize violence; the PG and PG 13 violence. Because it gives kids the idea that you can hit someone with no consequence, that its a way to take out your aggression.
I think I also blame the Vampire obsession. Why? Because I can, they are violent creatures people.

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