Monday, February 1

Thanks you heartless bastard

My day so far

  1. Boy at the Capitol held door open for me while I tried to wrestle a gator/large box full of drawings, up an impossibly large set of concrete steps. It was interesting because as I got to the door he smiled at me so pleased with himself and said " I usually don't do this, but...", while he held the door ajar for me. I said thanks because I was so thankful that I didn't have to try and open the door while balancing a box on my head. But all I was thinking was "Gee thanks for coming down from you lofty tower to throw me a bone dude." and "Enjoy your long and lonely life you piece of crap." Because I am not  sure how he wanted me to take that statement. Should I feel so special that of all the people in the world he never holds doors for, he did for me? I mean what a jackass. 
  2. Handicapped boy runs through the Capitol courtyard as if his life depends on it. As fast as his little disfigured legs can carry him. On my way back out of the building I spy him heading back the other way, completely content with frosting on his face and a doughnut in hand!
  3. Going home sick from work because my throat feels like a chalkboard does once you have raked your fingers over it in hopes of giving everyone in the room sphixypux or butthole pucker.

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  1. And what did I get out of all of that? Doughnut lust. Probably has to do with Lucy's cake dome post, too.

    But I'm glad you didn't have to put the gator on your head to open the door.


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