Tuesday, February 23

crazy; you know, not sane

I never thought I would see the day, when I actually had enough work, to keep me from my blog. It is killing me in a way work only can. Right? I love having a job, because it fills my days and my bank accounts. Yet, it tends to destroy my soul. Anyway, this self induced purgatory, I consider my job; has been super busy this week.We have a bunch of deadlines to meet this week and in true WHW fashion, all the deadlines land on the same day. It is truly glorious. Not only has my work week been super full; so is my dance card, or my time out of the office. Which on one hand, makes for great stories to blog about; on the other hand, I have no time to blog about them. Anyway, I plan on doing it when I get more than five minutes to do so. So until then please be assured that I have not forgotten about you lovelies.  Instead I offer you this to keep you company in the mean time.

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