Friday, February 5

Being sick sucks big time

If I had a dollar for every time I told Lucy that I wanted to get sick so that I could spend a week in bed watching movies, I would probably have five bucks. It just sounds like such a great way to spend your week. That is, until you are super sick and you spend a week in bed watching movies. Because I tend to forget what the super sick part entails. When your head feels too large for your body and its all clouded with fountains of snot. Or the way you can never get comfortable when you sleep because you are too hot, too cold, too achey or simply can not breathe. The strangest part of this week's sickness was that I didn't really loose my appetite. Things sounded good, but it hurt to eat, because my throat was all sort of sore and scratchy.  

I did get to watch a bunch of movies. I started Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince like five times. Right after taking some medicine that made me drowsy. So eventually I just had to start it, then when I woke from my nap, skip to the part I remembered last, and finish it from there. The rest of my list includes
Singles: always wanted to see it never had the chance.
Fame: The original, which kicks the remakes ass into next week, it was amazing
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: I know you can't have a crush on Cartoon's but I do love me some Flint Lockwood.
Lost: Not a movie I know, but Anthony and I finally got all caught up (watching roughly a million hours of Lost, causing me to have Lost dreams. I have been stuck on a island trying to disarm a bomb for the past three night. Although, last night, I was taken hostage by a bunch of lesbian cannibals, but that is a story for a different time.)  and watched the premiere and I really love that show.
Penelope: I love this movie. Personally, Christina Ricci looks really cute with a pig nose, her outfits are super cute and I want them all. Plus James McAvoy is so cute and not cute it make my heart patter in lusty confusion.
Gigantic: Only watched it cause Zooey Deschanel and Paul Dano were in it. I feel like it was just OK.
Love and Other Disasters: Brittany Murphy playing an English American working at UK Vogue. It was funny-ish. English humor and all that. Would have been better with someone else playing her part (is that ok to say?)
Bridget Jones' Diary: One of my favorite romantic comedies. 
 Only You: Robert Downey Jr. is sexy.
Seriously I watched a bunch more but I can't remember them all now. Essentially I watched a ton of romantic comedies or dramas because I was sick and I could.

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  1. I'm sorry you're sick. Not feeling too perky today myself, nose faucet is on full. Wish I could just kick back and watch movies but alas, kids still want food and homeschool still is in session.

    But I am reading Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Honestly not sure if they're making me feel better or worse?


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